Soft :xsi | photoshop
Type :Tutorial - Step by Step
Version :1.1
Author :felixlechA
Created :February 2009
UV Guide
  • Create a white image of the desired texture size (in Photoshop)
    (Ex: 2048px * 2048px image UVBase.pic or .tga)

  • Drag and drop the image in one view (viewport) of XSI

  • In the texture editor for the object, whose you want to export the UVs
    • In 'Clips' / 'All Clip' select > 'UVBase.pic' to put the white image in background of the Texture Editor
    • Uncheck :
      • [ ] Dim Image
      • [ ] Highlight Overlaps ou Odd Overlaps
      • [ ] Highlight Coverage
      • [ ] Show Connectivity
    • In 'Files' / 'Preferences' > in 'Colors' tab :
      • UV mesh who is Yellow, switch his color in Black
    • Do not select the object's UVs
    • In 'Edit' > 'Stamp UV Mesh'

  • Save the image in . pic . tga or .jpg (uncompressed)

All this gives you a picture in B / W with UV lines in Black and background in White, usable in product mode or another blending mode in Photoshop.